Highway 89 Road Ecology...

An Outreach Program of the "Highway 89 Stewardship Team"


From "Sierraville (California) Highway 89 stewardship team: ahead of the curve":

"Highway 89 stretches from north to south across California, through Sierra County from Sierraville to Truckee. The highway bisects an important portion of the Loyalton-Truckee deer herd, as well as important habitat for forest carnivores, amphibians and other wildlife on the Tahoe National Forest.

By 2002, several groups were working independently to investigate different aspects of animal-vehicle collisions along the highway...

These groups and their efforts were brought together in 2002 when they were catalyzed by the USDA Forest Service into a stewardship team to work together collaboratively to improve the high wildlife mortality and increasing habitat fragmentation on the highway."

bear deer coyote

The Highway-89 Stewardship Team is a diverse group dedicated to reducing animal-vehicle collisions & preserving wildlife movement corridors through education, research & direct mitigation.

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Highway-89 Road Ecology. from F. Felix on Vimeo.

Kyburz Flat underpass dedication ceremony. from F. Felix on Vimeo.