Sagehen Renovations: 1...


After as much as 50 years of service, some of our facilities were getting pretty shaggy & badly in need of upgrading. The staff & friends of Sagehen Creek Field Station have worked hard in recent years to repair &/or replace several of our venerable old structures. Thanks go especially to our wonderful volunteers, the Forest Service, our administrative support at Berkeley Natural History Museums & everyone at the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research!

Here are some stories and before & after photos. See our facilities page for site map & more information about Sagehen facilities.

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So much junk lying around!

The first order of business on our arrival at Sagehen in May, 2001 was to begin cleaning up the neglected facility, throwing out abandoned accumulations of 50 years, & making basic repairs as we struggled to build a support team & find funds for larger project needs. The first of many, many dumpsters arrived to swallow the detritus in summer of 2001.

Fortunately, our predecessors made a good start of correcting the rodent & bear problems that had developed from inadequate cleanliness & inattention to detail during Sagehen's dark days in the mid-90s.


The old "bat-cave" entryway

Deck space was added to the exterior of the Lower Camp Kitchen/Dining building in 2002 by volunteer Tommy Shimamura. Dark, frightening & rodent-infested phone booth & kitchen entry ways were removed. Concrete pads & steps replaced rickety wooden stairs beginning in 2002. The deck space was doubled in 2003.

The decks provide additional seating and improved living space for outdoor meetings, barbecuing & general hanging out after work. We added sun shades in 2004.

Tommy builds a deck  Fresh air meeting New Upper Bathhouse step  New kitchen entry  Deck with sun shades  New kitchen entry

The collapsing Tool Shed roof
The Tool Shed roof was nearly gone and the building's survival threathened when a new metal roof & rafter reinforcements were installed in the fall of 2003.

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