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"Fair-Use" Policy for Sagehen data:

Kindly inform the appropriate Principal Investigators of how you are using site data and of any publication plans. If the Principal Investigators feel that they should be acknowledged or offered participation as authors, they will let you know and we assume that an agreement on such matters will be reached prior to publishing and/or use of the data for publication. If your work directly competes with the Principal Investigator's analysis they may ask that they have the opportunity to submit a manuscript before you submit the one that uses their data. In addition, when publishing, please acknowledge the agency(s) that supported the research.


NCALM .KML file of distributable data, including North Fork of the American River.

Sagehen Basin

Bare earth LIDAR image of the Sagehen basin. Flown Labor Day weekend, September, 2005:

This LiDAR remote sensing resource shared with the Sagehen research community by the UC Berkeley Center for Forestry. Data reprocessing done by the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM). Data aquisition by Sanborn. For unprocessed raw data files, contact Station Manager

  • Sagehen Basin flown over Labor Day weekend, September, 2005.
  • UTM ZONE 10 WGS84 projection
  • Data was collected using a postings of approximately 0.25 meters.
  • Raw ASCII data is in the following format:

    Column Descriptions:
    T: GPS Time
    X: X-Easting
    Y: Y-Northing
    Z: Spot Elevation (feet)
    A: Scan Angle
    R: Return Interval (1) First Pulse (2) Last Pulse for Extracted Features
Sample J-PEG images:
Processed data files:

Note: Sanborn gridded to 5 meters, but the areas where the laser points were sparse are outside of the contracted area. NCALM refiltered the points and produced a 1-meter resolution bare-earth DEM from the data. The area inside the Sagehen basin is dense enough to warrant 1-m resolution. --Collin Bode, NCALM

Note: the default settings for Terrascan are not working well on steep slopes. There are a number of locations that are -80 meters difference between canopy and bare-earth and many where the difference was over 100 meters. At a later date we may want to reprocess.

I removed a patch of canopy cover which was 100 - 1,200 meters higher than the bare-earth. This may have been a flock of migrating birds. The result is that anything with a difference greater than 100 meters is now NULL. -- Collin Bode, NCALM

Independence Basin

  Contact Station Director for information.

North Fork of the American River


Includes Chickering Reserve, North Fork Association Lands, Onion Creek Experimental Forest & other Forest Service land in the basin.

LiDAR dataset is now available on the NCALM data distribution center.

It includes the filtered and unfiltered ArcGIS DEMs, and the lidar point cloud (LAS) all split in 2x2 tiles.

Misc. LiDAR data


Contact Station Director for ground-based LiDAR data plots in Sagehen basin.