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2007 Sagehen Research Review: Monday, October 29th

Sagehen is getting very busy these days and there is a lot of interesting research, among other things, going on here. In the past we used to host an annual research review where everyone conducting or interested in the research that is going on at Sagehen and within the Sagehen Experimental Forest, would get together to share and learn as well as to discuss what additional opportunities might arise.

We think it a great idea to get this going again! Research Review begins at 9:00AM and runs until around 4:30PM at the Sagehen Creek Field Station.

Update: Due to early snowfall in the Truckee area, this event has been moved to the Sierra Mountain Middle School, auditorium!

Directions: From I-80 - Get off at the Truckee/Lake Tahoe exit, go North to traffic light, left on Donner Pass Rd (West), Make first left just past the Fire Station (on left) No street name, at stop sign go left to end in large parking lot. Go through double doors and auditorium is to the right after entering the building.

Jeff will be carrying a cell phone: 530-386-1715, if you get lost!

Please give some thought to future opportunities prior to the meeting!

7:45 – 8:30 am Set up! Jeff and Faerthen.
8:30 – 9:00 Arrival and check-in, load talks onto computer.
9:00 – 9:15 Welcome. Jim Kirchner and Peter Stine.
9:15 – 9:30 Quick review of Sagehen Experimental Forest Research Plan and Goals, Peter Stine.
9:30 – 10:30 Research presentations. 10 minutes with 5 minutes for Q&A, transition.
10:30 – 10:45 Break.
10:45 – 12:00 Research presentations continue.
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch. On own in town or bring a sack lunch.
1 :00 – 2:30 Research Presentations continued.
2:30 – 2:45 Break.
2:45 – 3:15 How can we build on work that is going on? Discussion led by Jim Kirchner
3:15 – 3:45 More Specifics on moving forward with above. Discussion led by Jeff Brown.
3:45 – 4:00 pm Departure. We must be completely out of the auditorium by 4:00 pm.

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"The Sierra Nevada Now and Then: Revisiting the Grinnell Survey": Saturday, October 6th

Update!: Due to early snowfall in the Truckee area, this event has been moved to the Sierra College North Campus, 10725 Pioneer Trail, Truckee. See our blog for a map.


Sponsored by the Institute for Sustainability at the Sierra College Tahoe-Truckee Campus, and UC Berkeley's Sagehen Creek Field Station, the event will include an informative afternoon presentation by Dr. Craig Moritz and Dr. Stephen Long from UCB's Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, and a workshop that will focus on the Sierra Nevada habitat, human impact, and change through time.

The Grinnell survey is an environmental and mammal assessment that was completed nearly a century ago. The survey is now being revisited in an effort to assess the changes that have occurred to the natural environment in the past 100 years. An explanation of the survey, speculation concerning the cause of these environmental changes, and evaluation of the human impact will all be addressed.

Admission is free and all ages are welcome.

Saturday, October 6th at 1:00 p.m. at Sagehen Creek Field Station. Find downloadable map and directions to the station here, or meet at Sierra College's Pioneer Center by 12:30 to carpool. For more information, call Frank DeCourten at (916)789-2933.


In addition to the lecture, Frank DeCourten from Sierra College, Rocklin, will be giving a presentation on the Institute for Sustainability at the Tahoe-Truckee Campus. The Institute for Sustainability at the Sierra College Tahoe-Truckee campus is associated with the Center for Sierra Nevada Studies. The "Center" is an official entity of Sierra College and has been established under the Vice President for Educational Services and Programs. The Center has a strong reputation for its dedication to conservation and environmental issues, including the Sierra Nevada Virtual Museum and "Saving the Sierra", an award-winning oral history project. The Center provides an organizational placeholder for the growth and development of our sustainability efforts, which may someday develop into a separate district-wide initiative.

Within the current activities of the Center is a new sustainability initiative called the "Institute for Sustainability at the Sierra College Tahoe-Truckee campus". This "Institute" will concern itself with the promotion and implementation of the five point plan known as the Seventh Generation Project which addresses sustainability ethics and principles in five arenas of college activity: Policy, Educational Programs & Services, Educational Requirements, Operations, and Outreach.

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Bat Ecology and Field Techniques Workshop
September 6 – 9, 2007

Instructors: Dave Johnston, Stephanie Remington, and Joe Szewczak

Coordinator: Cynthia Perrine, csgperrine@yahoo. com

Description: Workshop participants will be introduced to thecology and conservation of California bats through lectures and demonstrations on species accounts, physiology, anatomy, behavioral ecology, conservation issues, and mitigation strategies. Field techniques of mist-netting, assessing species presence or absence, & acoustic monitoring will be demonstrated with participants assisting in set-up and analysis. Evening field exercises should allow capture of several bat species and give participants practice in recording data from captured individuals. Participants must furnish proof of rabies vaccination to handle bats. All participants will participate in field techniques of mist-net set-up and acoustic monitoring. 20 participants maximum!

Registration: Registration fee includes 3 nights' lodging, gourmet meals and beverages from Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch, and all workshop materials. Registration starts August 1, 2007.

Pre-registration required by September 3rd*

  • $450 Western Section Members
  • $200 Students with proof of current university affiliation or Young Professionals (within 6 months of graduation from university or employed part-time or seasonally in a wildlife technician position.
  • $485 Others

* The maximum enrollment is 20 after which, a waiting list will be kept. A minimum of 10 participants must register or the workshop by August 23rd or the workshop will be cancelled and all registration fees will be returned. Registrants will be notified via e-mail, starting August 24th, of workshop logistics and information.

Download registration, then send by mail to:

The Western Section of The Wildlife Society
attn: Bat Workshop
Post Office Box 3275
Oakland, CA 94609-0275


Register on-line at www.tws-west. org starting August 1, 2007.

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2007 Sagehen Summer Speaker Series: "Exercise your brain this summer!"

Donate! SCFS   TRWC

Due to the success of our inaugural science speaker series & requests to make this an annual event, Sagehen Creek Field Station & the Truckee River Watershed Council have lined up another roster of interesting topics. The series begins in June and runs every other Thursday through the end of August. We pride ourselves on recruiting some of the top folks in the country to come and share their knowledge with the public. This year, some of the dates may also include an afternoon field trip. We'll post information on the speakers & topics as it becomes available (in May).

Watch a video of one of the past presentations: Speaker Series #10: Professor Richard Karban discussing his investigations into plant communication.

A few requirements:

  1. Kids welcome!
  2. We will have trash receptacles in the meeting area.
  3. No pets beyond the main gate--no exceptions!
  4. We will have folks to assist you in parking; carpooling is a good thing!
  5. No fires!
  6. Folks with special access needs are asked to contact the station several days in advance so that we can make arrangements to accomodate these needs.

Directions to the station are available here, or download a printable information sheet

Map and directions (286K). 11-30-02   Information Sheet (323K). 5-20-03

The station opens to the public at 4:30pm (2:30 for field trips). We invite you to come in and bring a picnic dinner. The talks begin at 6:00pm & run until around 8:00pm.

Date: Speaker: Topic:

June 14


Professor Susan Kephart, Williamette College

Dr. Susan Kephart

"The beautiful blue camas: Insights on species boundaries, hybrids, and history"

* * *

Plants of the genus Camassia Lindl. (Agavaceae) are reknowned for their cultural importance to indigenous populations, but they show often confusing patterns of morphological and geographic variation that remain little understood.

Our research attempts to understand the pollination, genetics, and distribution of camas, as well as the patterns of speciation and diversification in these fascinating wildflowers. Experimental reintroductions of the once prevalent Camassia are also in place to facilitate both community-linked habitat restoration and in situ studies of hybrid zone dynamics.


June 28


Dr. Vladimir Pravosudov, University of Nevada - Reno

vladimir Pravosudov

"How food-caching birds survive winter."

* * *

Dr. Pravosudov has studied Mountain Chickadees in Sagehen basin for almost 10 years.


July 12


Dr. Pamela Ronald, UC Davis

Pam Ronald

"Genetic engineering & organic agriculture"

"In modern agricultural politics, organic farming and genetic engineering occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. In the Ronald-Adamchak household, the world is not so black and white. Ronald is a professor of plant pathology at the University of California, Davis. Adamchak manages the student-run organic farm on campus. Together, they're exploring the juncture where their methods can (and they argue, should) meet to ensure environmentally sustainable food production." -- from the book Tomorrow's Table
A Marriage of Genetic Engineering and Organic Farming
by Pamela C. Ronald and R. W. Adamchak


July 26


Professor Frank DeCourten, Sierra College

Frank DeCourten

"The Geological Evolution of the Tahoe Basin."

* * *

A review of more than 200 million years of geological history in the northern Sierra Nevada with emphasis on the region surrounding Lake Tahoe.

The lecture will explore the forces that lifted the Sierra, the events that produced the rocks exposed in the region, the influence of glaciers on the Tahoe Landscape, and the development of the modern landscape. We will also contemplate the geological future of the Sierra on the basis of modern geodynamic measurements and models.

Sierra Nevada Virtual Museum.

August 9


Matt Kiesse, Principal/Restoration Specialist - River Run Consulting

"Assessing Stream and Watershed Function in Coldstream Canyon."

* * *

The Coldstream Canyon watershed, near Truckee California, drains the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada. It's unique geology and history of extensive glaciation have resulted in relatively high natural erosion
rates. But it also has a long history of human disturbance, which in
many cases has resulted in increased erosion and sediment production.

Effective watershed restoration requires a clear understanding of how
human disturbance has altered natural watershed function. This talk
will review natural watershed processes and function in Coldstream
Canyon, the human disturbance history, and how human impacts have impacted the watershed and its streams.

August 23


Dr. Bill Zielinski, Researcher, USDA Forest Service - PSW, Arcata Lab

"Pine Martins" [more info soon]

* * *

Carex Workshop, July 31-August 2, 2007


Please join the California Native Plant Society and University of California Santa Cruz Arboretum for a Carex identification workshop to be held at the Sagehen Creek Reserve in the northern Sierra Nevada.

Target audience: Professional and student botanists, ecologists, land managers and other Carex lovers. Participants should have knowledge of plant terminology, experience with plant keys, and some knowledge of Carex morphology (will send handout to registrants).

Click here for more information or to register [PDF].

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ARC Program Fundraiser: June 17, 5:00-8:00pm

ARC fundraiser

Hello supporters of the ARC program,

Thanks to all of your generous contributions, we have raised $3000 towards scholarships for this summer. We have been busy recruiting 10 wonderful students for our Sagehen- Truckee program and another 10 for our Sedgwick- Santa Barbara program.

But we still need to raise more for summer 2007. So..........

WE ARE HAVING A FUN FATHER'S DAY FUNDRAISER, and we need your help! Please come! Our success depends on numbers, so please bring your whole family and ALL your friends! Northstar resort and Rubicon Pizza are co-sponsoring the event, which is really exciting.

It is a pizza and rollerskating and music party! 5pm-8pm on Sunday June 17th at the Northstar Village. It should be wonderful! Many of our ARC graduates and new ARC students will be present, helping us with the event.

We are hoping to make this an annual event, so if it is a success- Northstar and Rubicon Pizza might host us again...

Roller skating tickets (for skates) are $5 and the pizza buffet is $12- $8 for kids.... The Rubicon bar and Cabana Bar will be open... and Northstar Fire will be there, with an Engine and Fire fighters..! Bring your whole family and support a great cause. Our raffle is going to be exciting as well. One of our grand prizes is a winter ski pass to Northstar!

Please pass this on. I have also attached our sponsorship letter in case you can pass this on to a business who might be interested in contributing a raffle prize.

This link has flyers in Spanish and English. We look forward to seeing you!

Our website is

Katie Zanto

Katie Zanto
ARC Director
Sagehen Creek
University of California, Berkeley
(530) 205-5649

* * *

May 18, 2007: "Youth Symposium"

The Tahoe Truckee Regional Education Coalition is repeating last year's "Youth Symposium" on May 18 at the middle school. This year's topic is "Healthy Communities". For more information, contact Jan Ellis, project director for Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships (SWEP). TTREC is a partnership between the school district, NGOs & agencies that work together on improving local education.

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