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...student research projects...

Course #/Supervising scientist(s):Pages:
Kilgore, B.1952.Results of egg counts of Cottus beldingii.ZOOL 13811 pp.
Danielson, M.1958.Marmot study.ZOOL 2249 pp.
Graham, J.1959.Report on Citellus beldingi. 5 pp.
Hopkirk, J.1959.A comparison of Suckers in the genus Catostomus from the Lahontan and Owens River systems.ZOOL S224 [P. R. Needham]13 pp. inc. field data sheets
Wildanger, B.1959.Some observations on beaver aspen consumption at a colony on Sagehen Creek.ZOOL 146 [P. R. Needham]13 pp. inc. photos
Wooster, T.1959.Comparison of lake form to stream form of Richarsonius egregius (Girard).ZOOL S224 [P. R. Needham]10 pp. inc. field data sheets
 1961.A population comparison of two species of chipmunk Eutamius speciosus and Eutamius amoenus, at Sagehen Creek. 18 pp.
 1961.Ecology of Belding ground squirrel. 11 pp.
Cosgriff, J.1961.The 1961 Microtus montanus population. 9 pp.
Gaffrey, J.1961.The family Gerridae as a fish food. 11 pp. + field notes
Stevens, D.1961.Reproduction of Peromyscus maniculatus.ZOOL 14619 pp.
Stevens, D.1961.Gill raker counts on Tui Chub (Siphateles bicolor) from three Lahontan drainage lakes.ZOOL S29915 pp.
Tsunoda, S.1961.A census of the Sooty Grouse (Dendrogapus fuliginosus sierrae) of the upper Sagehen Creek basin, California.ZOOL 14615 pp.
Evans, D. H.1963.Fecundity and spawning behavior of the Lahontan Redside Shiner, Richardsonius egregius.ZOOL 14618 pp.
Goff, D.1963.Some aspects of the ecology and life history of the Northern Brown Bullhead (Ictalurus nebulosus) in Lake Van Norden.ZOOL 14613 pp.
Jaacor, J. B.1963.Observations on the possible hybridization between Drosera anglica Huds. (D. longifolia) and D. rotundifolia L. in Sagehen Creek, California.BOT 19910 pp. with plant samples
De Bell, G.1965.A comparison of the spider populations on the burned & unburned plots at the Sagehen Creek Field Station.ZOOL 1736 pp.
Gould, G. I.1965.Marmota flaviventris habitat in Sagehen Creek basin.ZOOL S146 [Francis & Sheldon]9 pp.
Hall, K. R.1965.Marking and recapture of small mammals.ZOOL S146 [Francis & Sheldon]10 pp.
Issel, C. I.1965.A comparison of growth rates of two populations of the Piute Sculpin (Cottus beldingii) on the Little Truckee River.ZOOL 146 [Francis & Sheldon]10 pp.
Jue, R. W.1965.Observations and a population index of carrion beetles, Necrophorus species.ZOOL S146 [Francis & Sheldon]16 pp. (A+!)
Krause, S. J.1965.Breeding behavior of Empidonax oberholseri.ZOOL S146 [Francis & Sheldon]16 pp.
Moore, L.1965.Nymph recolonization of Plecoptera, Tricoptera and Ephemeroptera on Sagehen Creek.ZOOL 146 [Francis & Sheldon]10 pp.
Wenneker, K.1965.A variational study of Cottus beldingii of Sagehen Creek and the Little Truckee River.ZOOL 146 [Francis & Sheldon]15 pp.
Booher, J.1967.Effects of cover type preference on social dominance in Brook Trout.ZOOL 17317 pp. + field notes
Dailey, C.1967.Some aquatic insects of Sagehen Creek, Nevada and Sierra Counties, California; primarily Odonata, Hemiptera and Coleoptera.ZOOL 17379 pp.
Johnson, M.1967.A comparative study of the tree swallow and cliff swallow, Sagehen Creek, California.ZOOL 17320 pp. + field notes
Joye, J. A.1967.The comparative functional morphology of the pectoral and pelvic fins of Cottus beldingii and Salmo gairdnerii.ZOOL 17311 pp. + field notes
Rae, S. P.1967.A study of the algae in Sagehen Creek, Nevada County, California.ZOOL 17317 pp. + field notes
Willmarth, R.1967.Behavior of Antlions, family Myrmeleontidae of the area near Sagehen Creek.ZOOL 1737 pp. + field notes
Fleck, J.1984.The attraction of insects to carrion.UC Davis, ENT 109 [P. Ward]26 pp.
Pantone, D. J.1984.Fire as an ecological factor on the distribution of insects. UC Davis, ENT 109 [P. Ward]10 pp.
Peterson, S. and D. J. Pantone1984.Succession and the insect fauna of previously burned and unburned forests.UC Davis, ENT 109 [P. Ward]14 pp.
Sotelo, R. K.1984.A study of Choreatid on Wyethia and Balsamorhiza.UC Davis, ENT 109 [P. Ward]7 pp.
Richards, A. R. L.1989.Bacteria counts in Sagehen Creek.Adv. Sci. Techniques, N. Tahoe H.S. 
Schmitz, M.1996?Effects of avian egg coloration on heat acquisition from sunlight.Earthwatch Foundation summer high school [D. Westmoreland] 
A.R.C. Program2004.

Stream Ecology Science Interpretive Signs (view as .jpg image, or PowerPoint file).

  1. Plants - JPG | PPT
  2. Aquatic insects - JPG | PPT
  3. Water chemistry - JPG | PPT
  4. Native fish: PPT
  5. Page 1 - JPG
  6. Page 2 - JPG
  7. Page 3 - JPG
  8. Page 4 - JPG
Victor Insera7 large format pp.
A.R.C. Program2005.

Forest Fire Science Interpretive Signs.

  1. Plants, animals & fire [PDF - 316KB]
  2. Fire behavior [PDF - 280KB]
  3. Fire benefits [PDF - 932KB]
  4. Fire history [PDF - 864KB]
Gary Roller4 large format pp.
A.R.C. Program 2006.

Sagehen Forest Interpretive Signs

  1. Bark beetles [PDF - 471KB]
  2. Black bear [PDF - 395KB]
  3. Birds [PDF - 422KB]
  4. Decomposers [PDF - 478KB]
  5. Forest [PDF - 413KB]
Leslie Slavin 5 large format pp.
A.R.C. Program 2007. Sagehen Forest Interpretive Signs Deb Colley  
A.R.C. Program 2008. Sagehen Forest Interpretive Signs Deb Colley  
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A searchable reference database is on the way! Until then, use your browser "find" function (ctrl+F) to search each page.

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