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Sagehen's data is the result of a significant investment of resources over many decades. The station makes its data available free of charge with the provision that users will help us stay in business by:

Contact the Station Manager for access to password-protected data sets on this page.

Specific research data is available directly from investigators, or from published papers.

"Fair-Use" Policy for Sagehen data:

Kindly inform the appropriate Principal Investigators of how you are using site data and of any publication plans. If the Principal Investigators feel that they should be acknowledged or offered participation as authors, they will let you know and we assume that an agreement on such matters will be reached prior to publishing and/or use of the data for publication. If your work directly competes with the Principal Investigator's analysis they may ask that they have the opportunity to submit a manuscript before you submit the one that uses their data. In addition, when publishing, please acknowledge the agency(s) that supported the research.

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Our Google Map includes precise locations of sensing & data collection sites in the basin.

Click on "View Larger Map" link, then use the forward links at the bottom of the page to see more pages of features. Use the "View in Google Earth" tab to export a .KMZ file for more control over display options.

The map also includes road directions to station, bicycle routes between Truckee & Sagehen, geographic landmarks & local services regularly needed by station visitors.


Use the following links to access general baseline data collected by Station staff and others. This page shows many active data collection points in the Sagehen basin.

Report unusual weather or flooding to the National Weather Service: (800) 446-1428

Sagehen Weather Station Data (Towers #1-11) from Keck Hydrowatch, 2009-present...

bullet Data

bullet Download a spreadsheet with all Sagehen weather station sensors & network components (get password from Station Manager).

* * *

Lower Camp Manual Precipitation Measurements from NOAA Cooperative Observer Program, 1953-2007

bullet Data: some active research datasets require permission from the researchers to access. i.e. Joe McConnell's tree sap flow data.

* * *

East Meadow Weather Station Data (Tower #1) from WRCC, 1953-present...

bullet The data set from Sagehen's oldest on-site weather station--Tower #1--dates from 1953 to the present. Archived daily weather data is available through the National Climate Data Center (fee service). Most recent data available below.


Use this link to access:
Use this link for general climate data including:
  • precipitation
  • snow depth
  • RH
  • atmospheric pressure
  • air temperature
  • ground temperature
  • surface temperature
  • solar radiation
  • wind speed, gust and direction

Click for 24-hour data.

  • Precipitation, temperature, snowfall & snow depth
  • Daily extremes, averages and totals
  • Monthly extremes, averages and tota


Weather RADAR

Historical NEXRAD (Next Generation Weather Radar system) weather radar data for the U.S. can be downloaded from the NOAA National Climatic Data Center.

Map of radar station locations.

Clicking on any of the stations brings up the station page, which has a link to the coverage map for that station. Reno (KRGX) or perhaps the Beale (KBBX) or Sacramento (KDAX) radars would probably be best for Sagehen.

Up to 24 hours of data can be ordered from, each page. Clicking on 'Create Graph' provides a diagram showing the switches back and forth between 'precipitation' and 'clear-weather' modes each day; and then data can be ordered from this page. Enter your e-mail address and you will be sent an e-mail containing your HAS (HDSS Access System) Job Number. This may take a few minutes, or a few hours, to arrive.

To order longer spells of data, go directly to the HAS page.

The data can be displayed graphically, direct from the HAS servers, by NOAA's Weather and Climate Toolkit. Although it is a beta version, it was recommended to me as the one to use for the high-resolution NEXRAD level II data by John Kobar and Steve Ansari at NOAA. It needs your computer to have Java 5 or later.

Start the Weather and Climate Toolkit and the window for downloading data may appear automatically, but if not, it's on the data menu, under 'Load Data'. The NCDC tab allows you to enter a HAS job number. Press 'List Files' and you can select one or more from the remote server. It's possible to select them all and press 'Animate' to, well, produce an animation, but it may take 40 minutes or an hour before the animation is ready. There are around 200 images for a 24-hour period.

For lower resolution radar data, there is the Java NEXRAD viewer.

There are other options, which are explained, starting with the first of the links above.



National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) data from our East Meadow (since November, 2001).

The National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) maintains a refrigerated archive of precipitation samples from the National Trends Network (NTN). NTN archive samples are filtered, stored in 60-mL polyethylene bottles at 4 deg. C, and are retained for five years. Archive samples are made available to interested researchers upon request after the specified retention period. The full NADP archive sample policy is posted here.

If you would like to request NADP archive samples or have further questions, please contact Chris Lehmann at clehmann@illinois.edu or call 217-265-8512. Requesters pay the nominal cost of preparing and shipping the samples; a cost estimate will be provided before samples are shipped.



Natural Resources Conservation Service SNOTEL :


Sagehen Creek


U.S. Geological Survey stream flow & chemistry data:

Sagehen Creek has been a Hydrology Benchmark Network (HBN) site since October, 1953. This page has more information about the HBN and NADP programs.

USDA Forest Service Stream Survey, 2002: Chris Mease, Project Director.

Download all. USFS


Use our Google Map to pinpoint location of groundwater wells & transects.

Sagehen shallow groundwater well transect data: contact Station Manager

bullet Sagehen deep groundwater well data: contact Station Manager


button Sagehen Forest Project demo plot PhotoPoints (88MB): Zip file includes GIS map layers, pre- and post-treatment photos.

Geology, soils & vegetation

Sagehen Soil ArcGIS layers; the coordinate system is NAD83. The zip file also includes a jpg file to view.

bullet GIS layers for soil, vegetation, geology, etc. in the Tahoe National Forest, including Sagehen basin:

bullet Digital Geologic Map of the northern Lake Tahoe-Donner Pass Region, northern Sierra Nevada, California...

bullet Soil information from groundwater monitoring well drilling (summer 2009):

Sagehen vegetation habitat/climate change models - Erin Riordan:


Research datasets

Specific research data is available directly from investigators, or from published papers. Use our bibliographies & reservations calendar to identify current & past research at Sagehen. For example, the following are a few generally useful datasets from Sagehen research:

bullet Forest survey data from the SPLAT research project, including trees & fuels class survey grid can be obtained from John Battles, UC Berkeley.

bullet Stream water & precipitation mercury data can be obtained from Xavier Fain, DRI.

bullet Tree sap flow data can be obtained from Joe McConnell, DRI.

bullet Truckee River Aquatic Monitoring program (TRAM) macroinvertebrate on-going census: contact the Truckee River Watershed Council.

bullet Highway 89 roadkill database: contact Sandra Jacobson.


GIS & maps

See this page for GIS data, maps & layers.

area name area corners
The larger Sagehen & Independence basin areas. 39 19 09 N 120 05 01 W
39 32 02 N 120 27 27 W
North Fork of the American River Conservation & Research Agreement area. 39 05 41 N 120 11 36 W
39 21 00 N 120 31 55 W

bullet Use this link for printable field maps of the Sagehen Basin.


Biological inventory of birds in Sagehen Basin


Bird breeding status & habitat data from the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) project:

site name location code site number site code years
Taylor Meadow SBNE 11936 TMEA 1993-present
Sagehen Creek SBNE 11935 SCRE 1992-present
Kiln Meadow SBNE 11204 KILN 1998-1999

2004 Sagehen Creek Informal Bird Sighting List


Biological inventory of bony fishes in Sagehen Creek  

Sagehen Fisheries Project, 1950-1970

Download all.


Biological inventory of mammals in Sagehen Basin


Sagehen Calhoun Small Mammal Trap Lines: info | trapline notes | vegetation notes | templates

Download all

...biological inventories...

The Station has working inventory lists for the Sagehen Creek basin. Completeness of lists varies. Use our search page or see referenced publications for more detailed information regarding species occurance and distribution. See especially the source papers for many of the species lists on this page:

bulletamphibians bulletinsects bulletreptiles


bulletbony fishes bulletplants  

Also see our "Photos" pages.

Berkeley Natural History Museums

bullet BNHM specimens collected at Sagehen

bullet Find additional museum specimens from Sagehen (try searching locality="Sagehen". Also county="Nevada" or "Sierra"):


...teaching collections...

Sagehen Creek Field Station has substantial collections of higher plants, vertebrates and insects on site*.

birds insects plants wet mammals
* Most collections are not catalogued--need a project?

...publications & theses...

Sagehen has produced over 80 Ph.D. and Master's degrees and hundreds of instances of published research. Research data is available directly from investigators.



...faculty & staff...

Address initial inquiries to...

Station Manager: resident at Sagehen since April, 2001.

Jeff Brown
University of California, Berkeley
Sagehen Creek Field Station
P.O. Box 939/11616 Sagehen Road
Truckee, CA 96160-0939
(530) 587-4830
(530) 582-4031: fax
Station email: sagehen@berkeley.edu

Address questions, requests & comments about this web-site to...

Assistant Manager: resident at Sagehen since April, 2001.

Faerthen Felix
University of California, Berkeley
Sagehen Creek Field Station
P.O. Box 939/11616 Sagehen Road
Truckee, CA 96160-0939
(530) 587-4830
(530) 582-4031: fax
Station email: sagehen@berkeley.edu


Faculty Director:

Prof. Rauri Bowie
Dept. of Integrative Biology/Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
3101 Valley Life Sciences Building
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94720-3160 USA bowie@berkeley.edu


Senior Advisor/Faculty Director Emeritus:

Prof. James W. Kirchner
Professor of the Physics of Environmental Systems, ETH Zürich
ETH Zentrum, CHN F50.3, CH-8092 Zürich
Phone +41 44 632 8018

Assistant: Sarah Hertli
ETH Zentrum, CHN G50.3
Phone +41 44 633 6043

Rauri Bowie
Address questions concerning the Adventure-Risk-Challenge (A.R.C.) summer literacy program to...

Program Director:

Sarah Cupery Ottley
University of California, Berkeley
Sagehen Creek Field Station
P.O. Box 939
Truckee, CA 96160-0939
(559) 676-5096

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