The Sagehen Experimental Forest at sunrise
Tracking the movements of mule deer and their interactions with Hwy-89
Invisible Barn, an art installation at Sagehen Creek Field Station
The Sagehen Forest Project study plots, monitoring sites, and forest treatment units
The Hwy-89 Stewardship Team dedicates their new animal undercrossing
The Sagehen Outdoor Education Program orients a new crop of 5th Graders
Sarah Oktay, Jeff Brown and Tom Arsuffi present on field stations at the
US House of Representatives
The media crowds in for a shot of cubs in a culvert trap during a CDF&W black bear reintroduction at Sagehen
A photo drone flies out over Kiln Meadow in the Sagehen Experimental Forest
A Sagehen snowcat track packs a trail to the upper basin weather stations
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