Hudson Valley / NY

Mohonk Preserve is already working regionally, having created an environmental monitoring network to foster coordination between scientific institutions in the Hudson Valley: the Environmental Monitoring and Management Alliance (EMMA). Mohonk also works closely with arts faculty at SUNY-New Paltz, and with regional museums and other field stations to promote art/science collaboration. The preserve has a large and dynamic outreach department.

Mohonk is located in close proximity to many colleges and universities, as well as world-class arts institutions, including the multitude of entities in and surrounding New York City. One of these is Storm King, with whom the preserve is working to display recent climate-themed sculpture. The region recently received a call to action on art/science collaboration with the publication of Kevin Duggan’s, Common Ground Art, Data, and Ecology at New York State Field Stations (2018); Duggan is passionate about the subject, and a talented grant writer for add-on projects.

SUNY-ESF hosts inter- and multidisciplinary programs using natural history and the process of science as the connective thread between disciplines. Exploring the interconnections between science, art, math, literature, history and technology, all while using the Adirondacks as an unparalleled outdoor classroom, inspires teaching and the creation of new programs engaging students of all ages.

The Hudson Valley and ESF are an exemplary model of emerging regional ArtSciConverge efforts.


  • SUNY-New Palz, SUNY-ESF
  • Hudson Valley Environmental Monitoring and Management Alliance (EMMA)