Plan your visit

  • Who can visit the CSFRS in the North Fork? How do I get permission?

The North Fork properties welcome research of all kinds. Past research subjects include Martis-culture petroglyphs, birds, fire ecology, hydrology, plant community and soil stability characterizations. Class use is more restricted than research in the North Fork.

Please submit a reservation, which is also your application for research use. You will want to discuss your plans with the CSFRS Director: organizing research in the North Fork is more complicated than at the other CSFRS. This is due to limited facility, potentially difficult access, and private land-owner concerns in the North Fork.

  • What are the options for overnight stays?

There is limited primitive camping at Onion Creek, which is the only option within the North Fork lands. There are limited overnight facilities at the Central Sierra Snow Lab, and various rustic lodges in the Soda Springs/Donner Pass area, like the Sierra Club’s Claire Tappan Lodge. Some researchers stay at Sagehen Creek Field Station and commute to the North Fork, but be advised that this requires driving for over an hour in each direction.

Contact the various lodging options individually to make arrangements.