Meeting at Nevada Museum of Art, Nov. 30, 2018

Jeff jabbers!

See meeting notes for list of attendees. Thanks to NMA for hosting, and to everyone who drove over the snowy crest to be here…and apologies to everyone for the technology challenges today!

Meeting notes | Listen to recording

For next steps, here are some of the themes that emerged:

  • We need to define what we want the public to do, and how they can engage in this issue.
  • We need a messaging strategy and timeline: a marketing/fundraising tool kit (case for support).
  • As we look for funding, the bigger money is not in the small arts orgs, it’s in the agency and private foundation pots. But support from arts councils is really useful for going to foundations and other larger funders.
  • We need a helper to work on website and social media.
  • We need to directly engage with Native American leaders.
  • We need to blow it out–the art can’t be expected to hew to the science.
  • We need to organize social events around the prescription burning to bring the public closer to the issues.