Tickets now on sale for Digital Nature at the LA Arboretum, Feb 27-Mar 3, 2019

Natural Discourse: Artists, Architects, Scientists & Poets in the Gardenis an ongoing series of symposia, publications, and site-specific art installations that explores the connections between art, architecture, and science within the framework of botanical gardens and natural history museums. 

In 2019, Digital Nature returns to the LA Arboretum! Once again, an amazing group of contemporary artists is being invited to project their work onto the landscape of one of Los Angeles’ most beloved public gardens to illuminate the unprecedented ecological and technological shifts that are remaking our world, including wildfire. Get tickets.

Participating Artists: 
John Carpenter, Adam Donnelly, Tim Durfee, Mia Feuer, Ellie Irons, David Janesko, Richard Johnson, Chris Kallmyer, Jenny Kendler, William Lamson, Deborah Oropallo, Andy Rappaport, Timothy Roy, Justin Shrake, Nami Yamamoto, Andrew Yang, Brigitte Zieger