Or, why has GNOMO been so quiet lately?

The Group on Earth Observations Global Network for Observation and Information in Mountain Environments (GEO-GNOME) is a GEO Work Programme Initiative that seeks to connect and facilitate access to diverse sources of mountain observation data and information regarding drivers, conditions, and trends in biophysical and socio-economic processes of change at different scales.

At the end of May, contributors to the GEO-GNOME effort gathered in Bern, Switzerland, for a three day workshop hosted by the MRI to review and scope a new work plan for GEO-GNOME. The workshop was coordinated by the GEO-GNOME co-leads Carolina Adler from the MRI and Elisa Palazzi from the National Research Council of Italy, together with Marc Zebisch from EURAC Research.

GNOMO is “one of the areas that the new MRI, under the Directorship of Carolina Adler, are keen on continuing. There has been some work by a small group on this over the past year and there will be further discussions on the way forward when MRI Science Council meet in early November. ” — Rob Marchant