GNOMO Vision Statement Poll

Greg Greenwood engineered a fantastic guiding Mission Statement for us, and presented it at the RMBL meeting:

Teams of researchers, covering the range of pertinent disciplines, work together in a finite number of sites representative of the diversity of mountain regions around the world to develop their understanding of the current structure and function as well as the longer-term evolution, of mountain social-ecological systems using protocols that support comparative analysis, at a detail sufficient to support forecasts of likely outcome, given sufficiently defined boundary conditions, and in ways that engage a wide range of actors and contribute significantly to public and private decision-making.

Now we need a short, visionary statement that is easy to communicate and remember, that conveys the change GNOMO wants to make in the world, and creates emotion.

Here’s a poll with the candidates submitted. Please vote for the most effective one, or send us a comment if you have a better idea.

Thanks! Which concise statement best defines the visionary goal of GNOMO?

“The health of the mountains for the wealth of the plains”

“Mountains managed sustainably through knowledge and affection”

“Harmony between humans and their mountain environment”

“Mountains matter to society and society secures their future through research and conservation”

“Spurring action on behalf of mountains”

“Raising mountains to their rightful place in national life”