Working Groups – Time-Series Data Trial

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Current Group Members (GNOMOers sharing data as of November 1, 2015)

Ian Billick, Yan Yang, Maria Shahgedanova, Derek Kauneckis, Jeff Brown, Uwe Boerst, Daniel Ruiz-Carrascal, Mark Schulze, Scotty Strachan, Bill Bowman, Jan Dick.

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The goal of this working group is to complete a pilot data publication project of time series data using CUAHSI Water Data Center tools. This is consisting of:

The longer term goal of this project is to envision what data sharing and site comparison analyses could become. Several survey participants have stated that they are already publicly sharing their data through their own portals or networked systems. This pilot project will enable an exploration into what is possible if these existing data resources become integrated in addition to provide GNOMO community members who are not already sharing their time series data a method to do so.