GNOMO is the Global Network of Mountain Observatories. Our guiding Mission Statement is:

Teams of researchers, covering the range of pertinent disciplines, work together in a finite number of sites representative of the diversity of mountain regions around the world to develop their understanding of the current structure and function as well as the longer-term evolution, of mountain social-ecological systems using protocols that support comparative analysis, at a detail sufficient to support forecasts of likely outcome, given sufficiently defined boundary conditions, and in ways that engage a wide range of actors and contribute significantly to public and private decision-making.

Our members come from mountainous areas all over the planet, and we work together on common themes and issues. We are an Ad Hoc Committee of the Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS).

Join the Global Network of Mountain Observatories!

[mc4wp_form]After subscribing, don’t forget to:

  1. Sign up for the GNOMO e-mail listserv by sending a message to gnomo-discussion-feed@ucnrs.org
  2. Add your station information to our spreadsheet (if the on-line form doesn’t work for you, try this)
  3. Join the Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS)! GNOMO is housed under OBFS, so we need members of GNOMO to officially join that organization (just the stations, not each person!). There are two levels of station membership: $150 per year for a voting membership, and $1,000 per year for sustaining members. If you are not affiliated with a field station, you can still join as an Individual member.

Our members come from economies of all sizes. We don’t want membership fees to prevent anyone from joining GNOMO! If the annual OBFS $150 is something that your station simply cannot manage, then let us know what you can afford and we will work to find sponsorship to bring you onboard.