Communal Kitchen

Sagehen provides a fully-functional communal kitchen. Large groups may bring a designated cook, but most individuals cook for themselves. All cleaning duties are shared by users, and we expect you to leave Sagehen cleaner than you found it.

There is one self-contained house-like space with its own kitchen (the Apartment) that may be assigned to smaller groups.

See our Facilities page for pictures, layout maps and more information about Sagehen facilities.

Please discuss catering with the Station Manager before hiring a contractor, to be sure we communicate the on-site parameters, restrictions and requirements!

Available kitchen equipment & supplies include:

  • Commercial, heavy-duty appliances:
    • 8-top gas stove with 2 large ovens.
    • Lighted ventilation hood with automatic fire suppression system.
    • 3 sinks, including a large 3-basin dish sink with sprayer wand.
  • Food storage:
    • Refrigerators with assigned shelf-space.
    • Freezer with assigned shelf space.
    • Shelving with mouse-proof storage boxes for your weekly groceries (no food in cabins, please!).
  • Cooking equipment:
    • Stove-top pots & pans.
    • Baking/roasting pans of various sizes & shapes, including muffin forms, pie tins & loaf pans.
    • Knives & cutting boards.
    • Blender & stick blender.
    • Kitchen-Aid electric mixer
    • Can openers
    • Cooking & serving utensils: whisks, large spoons, tongs, skewers, spatulas, etc.
    • Measuring cups & spoons
  • Barbecue:
    • 2-Weber charcoal grills (+/- 4 sq.ft.)
  • Coffee-making equipment:
    • 2-electric household coffee pots with thermoses.
    • 3-3 gallon coffee/hot water holders for large groups.
    • Electric coffee grinder.
    • Espresso machine.
  • Serving:
    • Dishes & silverware.
    • Coffee cups.
    • Glasses, including wine glasses.
    • Water pitchers.
    • 2-Gott water cooler dispensers.
  • Exhaustible supplies: We provide dish soap, bleach, windex, sponges, mops and plastic garbage bags.
  • Linen: we have white “barmop” towels for your use. There are hot-pads available. Wash everything when you leave.
  • Garbage service: we provide a dumpster during spring, summer and fall. During the winter, you need to pack out your trash.

You should bring:

  • Food: there are large grocery stores in Truckee, 10 miles away. Reno–a 45 minute drive on Interstate 80–is a regional shopping destination that includes bulk suppliers like Costco.
  • Exhaustible supplies:
    • Charcoal, lighter fluid & matches/sparker.
    • Napkins/paper towels.
    • Disposable (or washable) table cloths are nice for the outside tables whose surfaces can be a bit weathered.
    • Zippies, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, Tupperware for your leftovers (which you will be taking with you when you leave!).
    • Sack-lunch supplies, if necessary for field trips: baggies, plastic forks, etc. We usually have brown paper bags around.
    • There are invariably leftover spices around (especially salt & pepper), but maybe not exactly what you need.
    • Paper plates, cups: there are usually some already here if you prefer them to washable dishes. Please check what’s here before bringing more and leaving the leftovers.