Avoid the Lost & Found

Don’t Forget Your Stuff!

Look out for each other: it’s not wise to leave things you value behind when you leave Sagehen.

Why? Because we’re a very busy place.

To reduce losses like this, we ask group leaders to check for anything left behind before they leave. They typically collect whatever is found lying around, assuming it belongs to someone in their group, and having no way to know otherwise.

If you forgot something, check with your group leader. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you are also certainly free to come back to Sagehen to look for whatever you left, but unless you really hustle, chances are pretty good that it will already be gone. Please don’t ask us to search for your forgotten belongings.


Consider using a daypack or totebag to keep all your odds and ends together during the day: notebooks, laptop, water bottle, binoculars, jacket, pens, pencils, eyeglasses, charger cords, etc. Never set things down anywhere but in your bag!

Keeping a tidy living and work space, and doing a good job with your cleaning duties will help you avoid leaving anything behind.

Be sure to check these areas before you depart! Pick up any trash you find.

  • Laundry lines (clothing, linens)
  • Electrical outlets (chargers, cords, adapters)
  • Under beds and desks (shoes, socks, random escapees)
  • Forest (tents, hammocks)
  • Group areas (water bottles, notebooks, jackets, books, cameras, eyeglasses, etc.)
  • Bathhouses/showers (toiletries, towels, clothing)
  • Kitchen (dry food in mouse-proof boxes, cold food in fridges and freezer, cans or bottles in fishhouse basement)
  • Tool shed/Botany Lab/Classroom/Library/Fish House (field supplies or tools you brought)