Planning Group

The Sagehen Reserve Program Planning Advisory Group (SRPPAG) is a joint university/agency/community initiative that brings together individuals from three universities, six government agencies (federal, state, and local), and several nonprofit organizations and community groups to help guide the station’s future.

To learn more about SRPPAG, including meeting schedules, please contact the Sagehen Creek Field Station Manager.

Sagehen operations & management:

Additional Sagehen publications available here.

This is a planning document that provides the general layout design for new facilities required to meet current station needs & to fulfill the Sagehen Vision, below. More information here. Video fly-throughs here.

This vision for the Sagehen Creek Field Station is intended to guide discussions that will lead to a long-term management plan. It describes what the field station is like today and how we will create this management plan. It identifies five long-term goals and lists ideas about what facilities, staff and programs are needed to achieve them.

The goals of the plan are:

  1. To provide for the day-to-day operation of the facility;
  2. To outline management policies for research, education and outreach;
  3. To acquaint the local community, the University community, other academic entities, government agencies, and other potential users with current and future research and education opportunities at Sagehen, while at the same time encouraging further suggestions for management, development and operations;
  4. To anticipate and plan for future use and visitor needs.

Broad guiding principles:

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Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, including Aichi Biodiversity Targets

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  • Safety

UC Berkeley Training Plan for Hazardous Materials

  • Misc. Facilities Design Plans

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Forest Service Agreements and Guiding Documents

This document includes extensive descriptions of Sagehen Creek and nearby watersheds, including Alder Creek and Independence Creek. Included are lists of sensitive plants, and descriptions of designated Special Interest Areas (SIAs), like the Mason Fen and Sagehen Headwaters. There are also discussions of additional recommended SIAs.

Sagehen Experimental Forest

Grant proposals

A successful proposal to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy for funding to under-burn the Sagehen Forest treatment areas.

A successful proposal to upgrade radio communications linking Sagehen to the other CSFRS research areas in the North Fork of the American River headwaters.

A successful, extensive proposal to enhance data collection & communication capabilities at all the UCNRS field stations & reserves, including Sagehen.

A successful application that includes extensive information about Sagehen’s Adventure-Risk-Challenge outreach program.

This unsuccessful grant application is a request for funding to purchase a snow cat & build a maintenance structure. The document includes extensive information about Sagehen facility & programs.

Successful NSF FSML Planning Grant proposal. Includes list of current SRPPAG members, facility description, goals, research target areas & 5-year station use history.

Central Sierra Field Research Stations (CSFRS)

Forest Projects


This is the final report on the SPLAT research project in Sagehen Basin. Includes description of methods, maps & summary of findings.

Sagehen Forest Project…
Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative…

Other Projects

Sagehen Fish Barriers…
Sagehen Collections…

Hydrology Program Development

Meeting Notes…

Meeting agenda: February 5, 2003
Meeting minutes: February 5, 2003
Hydrology Meeting notes: August 18, 2003