Ongoing Research



For over 20 years, Vladimir Pravosudov and his students have made the trek from the University of Nevada – Reno to Sagehen every week (usually, every day) to study the humble Mountain Chickadee.

The Hwy-89 Stewardship Team

Hwy-89 Road Ecology

The Hwy-89 Stewardship Team dedicates their new animal undercrossing.

Hydrology & Meteorology

Drawing conclusions about natural processes is impossible without long-term datasets. With over 65 years of accumulated meteorology, snowpack and stream data, Sagehen possesses one of the longest running datasets in the country.

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

Sagehen was originally founded for fisheries and wildlife research. A big part of what we know about wild Brook trout today comes out of work by Sagehen Director Paul “Doc” Needham and his graduate students in the 1950’s. Today, Sagehen remains the California benchmark stream for wild trout biomass.

Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS)

The MAPS Program is a continent-wide collaborative effort among public agencies, non-governmental groups, and individuals to assist the conservation of birds and their habitats through demographic monitoring.

Plant Communication

UC Davis researcher Richard Karban has worked on sagebrush communication at Sagehen since the early 2000’s. Among other startling revelations, his work suggests that plants have self-recognition, the first step required for several things we typically associate with higher animals; like immune systems and kin selection, for instance.