How We Make a Difference To Scientists and Land Managers

The field work for this study was performed entirely at the University of California Natural Reserve System’s Sagehen Creek Reserve. The UC reserves are an exceptional resource that played a large role in the success of this project. The station manager and assistant manager, Jeff Brown and Faerthen Felix deserve special recognition for facilitating research and life there above and beyond their duty. They are wonderful advocates for science and have made Sagehen an exceptional place to work and live.

— Joe Sapp, Ph.D. UC Santa Cruz, 2017 (more reviews)

Research into all aspects of the natural sciences is welcomed within the Sagehen Experimental Forest and at Sagehen Creek Field Station. Plan your visit here.

Historically, fisheries, wildlife and forestry studies have predominated, however in recent decades, use has expanded to include significant hydrology-related efforts, basin ecology, our innovative education programs, and many other subjects. Our large research initiatives–like the Sagehen Forest Project–are often multi-disciplinary, and generally targeted at land management and social policy needs.

Priority for space is given to UC faculty and student researchers, but qualified researchers from other institutions are welcome to apply to the Station Manager for space regardless of their affiliation, and conflicts are rare.

The Sagehen Creek Field Station Manager is also the point of contact for researchers seeking information regarding these other reserves of the Central Sierra Field Research Stations group: Chickering American River Reserve, North Fork Association Lands, and Onion Creek Experimental Forest.

Major partners in research: University of Nevada – Reno, James Kirchner – ETH, Desert Research Institute, US Geological Survey, Tahoe National Forest, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, National Forest Foundation, The Nature Conservancy.


Researchers at the Field Station or within the Experimental Forest must comply with station use conditions, including the Sagehen Fair Use Data policy:

“Fair-Use” Policy for Sagehen data

Kindly inform the appropriate Principal Investigators of how you are using site data and of any publication plans. If the Principal Investigators feel that they should be acknowledged or offered participation as authors, they will let you know and we assume that an agreement on such matters will be reached prior to publishing and/or use of the data for publication. If your work directly competes with the Principal Investigator’s analysis they may ask that they have the opportunity to submit a manuscript before you submit the one that uses their data. In addition, when publishing, please acknowledge the agency(s) that supported the research (including Sagehen Creek Field Station).

Researchers are expected to submit metadata describing their data collection in order to communicate the existence of these resources to future scientists. Researchers should also have a Data Management Plan.

The UC Natural Reserve System encourages all users to add the DOI number of the appropriate reserve(s) to any publications resulting from work within the reserve system.

Sagehen Creek Field Station DOI: 10.21973/N33M26
Chickering-American River Reserve DOI: 10.21973/N35H2S

Animal Research Permits

Animal welfare is serious business at Sagehen.

UCB Animal Care & Use

Note: Protocol approvals are to be submitted both to the Station Manager and the UC Berkeley Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) and approval must be in hand prior to any work beginning!

Other agencies, i.e. US Fish & Wildlife Service, CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, etc., may have additional permitting requirements. Researchers are responsible for seeking out & fulfilling these additional requirements. Copies of any additional permits must also be submitted to Sagehen prior to work beginning.


Find monitoring and research data from Sagehen basin here.

Current & Ongoing Research Projects

View our calendar to read abstracts of past, present and planned research projects at Sagehen, like: