Chickadee Memory

For over 20 years, Vladimir Pravosudov and his students have made the trek from the University of Nevada – Reno to Sagehen every week (usually, every day) to study the humble Mountain Chickadee. The Pravosudov lab focuses on Animal Behavior and Behavioral Ecology with special emphasis on animal cognition. As non-migratory birds that have to store enough food to survive the winter (and remember where they left it), chickadees are a great model organism for this work.

The team has established…

an RFID-based method to measure spatial learning directly in the field in large number of individuals and we investigate whether individual variation in spatial learning has fitness consequences to survival and reproduction. We annually band hundreds of chickadees with unique PIT-tags and monitor 200+ nestboxes.

Recent research and publications explore questions like elevational differences in cognition and memory, memory and problem-solving trade-off, elevation effects on social dominance, and dialects of chickadees from different elevations.

Natural Selection and Spatial Cognition/ Curr. Biol., Feb. 7, 2019 (Vol. 29, Issue 4)

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