Sagehen Datasets

Monitoring of the Sagehen Basin began as early as the snow transects of the 1930’s. Since then many researchers have contributed a rich assortment of datasets that are publicly available.

Additional research data from the Sagehen basin is available from publications, or the researchers themselves.
TitleAuthorsVariable measuredTime spanLink to Dataset in RespositoryProject
Calhoun Small Mammal Trapline Data 1957-1989Gard, Richard
Yoder-Williams, Michael
Animals: Small mammals1957-1989Environmental Data InitiativeNone
Sagehen Weather Station Data (Towers #1-11) or? East Meadow weather station (Tower 1)Western Regional Climate CenterWeather: 9 different climate variables1997-present
Western Regional Climate Center
Sagehen Creek Meteorological Data
Lower Camp Manual Precipitation RecordsSagehen Creek Field StationWeather: Temperature and Precipitation1954-2006NOAASagehen Creek Meteorological Data
A Long-Term Micrometeorological and Hydrological Dataset Across an Elevation Gradient in Sagehen Creek, Sierra Nevada, CaliforniaPetersky, Rose S.,
Harpold, Adrian A.
Weather: Micrometeorological and hydrological data1954-2018University of Nevada, RenoSagehen Creek Meteorological Data
National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) from East MeadowDave Clow, Alisa Mast, Faerthen Felix, Dan SaylerWeather: Precipitation Chemistry2001-presentNational Atmospheric Deposition ProgramNone
SNOTEL data for Independence Lake areaNatural Resources Conservation ServiceWeather: Daily snow water equivalent by month1979-presentIndependence Camp,
Independence Creek,
Independence Lake
Sagehen Creek Stream DataDave Clow, Alisa Mast, Faerthen Felix, Dan Sayler, et alWater: Temperature, discharge, conductance1953-present (varies by parameter)USGS National Water Information SystemSagehen Creek Stream Data
Sagehen Creek Water Quality DataDave Clow, Alisa Mast, Faerthen Felix, Dan Sayler, et alWater: Several water quality variables1968-presentUSGS National Water Information SystemSagehen Creek Stream Data
Aquatic biological data for Sagehen CreekUSGSWater: Physical properties, fish, invertebrates, and algae2011, 2016, 2017USGS NWIS: Use project=NAWQA SACR Benchmark/Reference to filter for dataSagehen Creek Stream Data
Forest Eddy FluxJames Kirchner & Sebastian WolfForest: Eddy Covariance2017-presentAmeriFluxSagehen Creek Forest Data
Forest Monitoring Plots: Temperature and HumidityDan SaylerWeather: Temperature and Humidity2015-presentEnvironmental Data InitiativeSagehen Forest Project
Forest Monitoring Plots: SPLAT treatment details and photosDan SaylerForest: pre/post photographs of SPLAT treatments2016-presentEnvironmental Data InitiativeSagehen Forest Project
Forest Monitoring Plots: Bird and Bat audio recordingsDan SaylerAnimals: Birds and bats2016-presentComing SoonSagehen Forest Project
Sagehen Creek Creel CensusNeedham, Paul R., et alAnimals: Fish1953-1961Environmental Data InitiativeNone
ArcGIS maps at various spatial scalesUS Forest ServiceMapping: Soil, vegetation, geologyN/AUSDA Forest ServiceNone
SPLAT Research Project surveysJohn Battles, UC BerkeleyForest: SPLAT forest monitoring plots2004-presentContact AuthorNone
American Marten Survey DataKatie Moriarty, PNW and William Zielinsky, PSWAnimals: Martens (Martes americana)1979-presentContact AuthorsNone
Soil and atmospheric deposition mercuryXavier Fain, DRIWater: precipitation, mercuryN/AContact AuthorNone
Tree sap flow dataJoe McConnell and Adrian Harpold, DRIForest: tree sap measurements2002-presentContact AuthorsNone
Stream height dataJames Kirchner, ETHWater: Sagehen Creek stream levelsN/AContact AuthorNone
Truckee River Macroinvertebrate CensusTruckee River Watershed CouncilWater: insect communitiesN/AContact AuthorNone
Highway 89 Roadkill database and camera trap imagesMike DelasauxAnimals: mammals1979-presentContact AuthorNone
USDA Forest Service Stream SurveyChris MeaseWater: Full stream survey2002Download full packageNone
Sagehen Creek Water MonitorsTruckee River Water CouncilWater: macroinvertebrates, daily temperature and other variables2000-20162000-2016 Ambient Data,

2005-2013 Macroinvertebrates,

and 2004
Detail metrics, Taxa list, and Summary metrics.
Sagehen Creek ArcGIS soil layersN/ASoil: (NAD83)N/ADownload full packageNone
Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship at SagehenMark Reynolds, Walter Clevenger, Faerthen FelixAnimals: Birds1992-presentIBP MAPS programSagehen MAPS
Sagehen Creek Field Station (UC-Berkeley) – Mammals (SCFS Mammals)Faerthen Felix, Erica KrimmelAnimals: Mammal collection2019Consortium of Small Vertebrate Collections (CSVColl)Sagehen Collections
Sagehen Creek Field Station (UC-Berkeley) – Birds (SCFS-Birds)Faerthen Felix, Erica KrimmelAnimals: Bird collection2019Consortium of Small Vertebrate Collections (CSVColl)Sagehen Collections
Sagehen Creek Field Station (UC-Berkeley) – Insects (SCFS-ENTO)Erica Krimmel, Faerthen FelixAnimals: Insect collection2014Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN) Sagehen Collections
Sagehen Herbarium (SCFS)Faerthen Felix, Erica KrimmelPlants: Herbarium vouchers2019Consortium of California Herbaria (CCH2)Sagehen Collections
Live observations from Sagehen BasinN/ALife2012-presentiNaturalistSagehen Collections
Sagehen Collections data page at GBIFErica Krimmel, Faerthen FelixLife: Mammals, Birds, Plants, Insects1951-presentGlobal Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)Sagehen Collections
Sagehen Insect Diversity SamplingPhil Ward, Jay RosenheimAnimals: Insect diversity data from Sagehen Basin.1982-2018PublicationInsect diversity over 36 years at a protected Sierra Nevada (California) site: towards an evaluation of the insect apocalypse hypothesis. Rosenheim, Ward. Ecological Entomology, 2020.
Biological inventory of Sagehen BasinFaerthen FelixLife: Species lists for plants, animals, fungus, etc.Updating regularly since 2012iNaturalistSagehen Collections
Camera trap monitoringGeorgia Titcomb, Faerthen Felix, Dan SaylerAnimals: camera trap monitoring & citizen science data2018-presentSagehen Mammal Quest on ZooniverseSagehen Forest Project